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Wealth Power is a financial empowerment initiative coupled with wealth distribution strategy that is meant to put an end to the deadly scourge of lifetime poverty and mediocrity lifestyle. Poverty can turn supposed hero to zero and great men to ordinary men, noble men to nobody. As an income avenue, we can change your whole life for the better.

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” you know that passive income is the best kind of income to have. Passive income is basically money that you earn without having to work for it. Unless you have experience it, this may sound like some kind of “pie in the sky” get-rich-quick scheme, but this kind of earning power is for real. In fact, I would reasonably guess that almost every billionaire on earth uses it to keep cash coming in while he or she jets off to parties and resorts and whatever else billionaires do. We create an avenue where money is being contributed to one another through the power of leveraging, thus helping one another make a 50:50 indefinite MLM matrix.
Pending withdrawals are credited to beneficiary Bank Account every Friday.
Our automated system is strategized in such a away whereby people will be contributing money to you daily across the country.

How to join

The first step to completing the membership registration is to purchase a registration PIN
To buy a PIN, pay N2,000 into our bank account as detailed below.
Send your name, phone number and teller number to 08065193665, and we will send a pin to you by SMS.

If you are making payment via online transfer, mobile money or ATM transfer, enter your name on the remark / comment box (if available). After you have successfully made the transfer, send the name of the account (through which the transfer was made), Transaction Time and your telephone number to 08065193665 via SMS.

Our bank detail:-


GT A/C No 0112827954

GT A/C No 2021623008

On registering successfully, you have automatically become a member of Wealth Power. As a member, you now have access to our numerous products, ranging from investment manual, internet money making e-books, motivational books and so on which worth over Twenty Thousand Naira (N20,000). These, you can download as value for your one-time payment.


  • Earn upto N270,000 monthly on actively involving ten downlines
  • Free online investment tips
  • SMS and E-mail alerts
  • Free access to our recommendation services
  • How the program works
    Refer a minimum of two people and you instantly earn One Thousand Naira from every persons you refer directly (except your first downline). Also, you earn a thousand Naira each from every first persons referred by your downlines from generation to generations. This is an endless asset of passive income.
    Another good thing is that you receive both SMS and email alerts each time you earn. Which means you need to motivate your downlines (both direct and indirect downlines via SMS, Call or email).
    See the illustration diagram  to  better understand how you earn cash through the referrer program. It is pathetic to know that many have been deceived in the past by fraudulent scams but do not let that get to you as we have brought hope to Nigerians. Our referrer program is to infinity. The minimum number of downlines you need to have is two. However, the more your direct downline, the more your money will be. You can use to send FREE Invitations to all the contacts in phone and email.

    As soon as you register, you qualify as a member and receive e-book worth of Twenty thousand naira (N20,000). Immediately you introduce two more people, you start to earn cash and qualify to enjoy our membership benefits.
    You can register by buying a pin for Two Thousand Naira (N2,000). Immediately you register two people you earn One Thousand Naira (N 1000). The second person gives you the cash and every first persons from its down-lines earn you N 1,000 FOR LIFE! It is that simple! The more direct downlines you have, the bigger your earnings will be. That is, you can increase your weekly income by directly referring more people. CLICK TO VIEW ILLUSTRATION DIAGRAM

    It may not be easy to convince some people but anyone that needs to make profit must find a way to convince as many people as possible into his/her products/services. If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Life is not a bed of roses. You must lay a foundation for what you intended to enjoy in life. How can you reap without sowing? Every success stories have foundations.

    It is important to avoid lazy and timid people that seek for dubious means of making money effortlessly; such people are always characterized with negative comments and lifetime poverty. There is no harm in trying…success will only come when you dare. Many Nigerians have been in profits for many years and the list is growing. See proof at
    So, be advised, Invest resourceful time in creative marketing strategy.

    The best way to earn in wealthpower is to lay the foundation and reap the benefits all your life.
    a. Study wealthpower carefully and understand in details how it works
    b. Educate your downlins by impacting your understating of wealthpower to them
    c. Assist all downlines before, during and after registration.
    d. Follow-up all direct downline to ensure they all refer at least one person.
    e. Take record of all indirect downline according to the generation (e.g. first generation, second generation, etc).
    f. Follow-up all indirect downline to ensure they all refer at least one person.
    g. Repeat step e and f everyday.


    1] From the 200 or more contacts in your phone, send FREE Invitation SMS to as many as you wish by using our Recommendation Service. You can also use this service to send Free invitation via email.
    To Learn How to use our Recommendation Service, CLICK HERE

    2] Place your referral link online via social networks such as facebook, naija hotjobs, nairaland, naijaforum, alabiforum, or search for 'forums in Nigeria' on google. Signup free on as many as possible forums displayed. Meet old and new friends on online forums and tell them about wealthpower; post your comments, testimonies, usercode, and referral link. Over thirty million people reside in Lagos while the population of Nigeria has exceeded one hundred and fifty million people. How come you don’t know only two people that will change the course of your destiny? Everybody you come across is your money, do not let them go until you collect your N1,000 with them, do not relent until everybody you know contribute N1,000 to you. Do not quit until everybody in Nigeria contribute money to you. The more people you have as direct downline, the higher your earnings get. Any level you attain persist continually for life!

    3] Talk face to face with your friends, colleague, clients, neighbors and relatives. You can use bulksms to start the conversation. Since the numbers of mobile phone users are multiplying daily in Nigeria you should take full advantage of this. Call or sms all the people you know now. Schedule a meeting with them.

    4] Organize Seminars, Workshops, and Symposiums that will enable you to educate and enlighten potential downlines. Your level of earnings depends largely on the level of understanding you impact on your downlines. Contact our support team if you need motivational resources for organizing formal meetings.

    5] Provide support for your downlines before and after registration. Follow up your downlines; see to it that every downline recruit that first person into your account.

    If you have been a beneficiary in wealthpower and will like to continue in more profit, write positive testimonies about wealthpower and how your Bank Account has been consistently credited on your facebook walls, WhatsApp, 2go, twitter, and other online social forums you have signed up. You can add links to your website, Blog, Facebook page or other social / forum comments you have made in the past. Ensure you include your referrer link (USERCODE) to ease the registration process for every potential downlines. Lots of potential downlines awaits you continually. Be the first, among your friends, to act!

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